Table Number

Table Number Project Name Favorite
0 Symposium Web App
1Course Planning & Advising Tool (CPAT)
2Five Star Veterans Center Residence Information Management System
3Quarterly Employment Report Dashboard
4Hubbard House Data Analysis Dashboard
5Cornerstone SEA Management System Application
6City Year JAX Impact Dashboard
7The DePaul School Alumni Outreach System
8Child Guidance Center Christmas Drive App
9ElderSource Volunteer Management System
10JPEF School Viewer
11Yoga 4 Change Tracking Management System
12ECS Employees Professional Development Tracking System
13ElderSource Volunteer Management System
1439 Canine
15Argus Capital
16Merchant Might
17Crypto Decrypted: The Platform for Bitcoin Enthusiasts
18Innostaa: The Book Subscription Service
19Time Saver
20Micro Market Technologies
21Gopher Internship Online Recruiting
22Fluently: A Language Learning Service
23XpertLLC: Game Licensing Service
243D Investigators
25Applicant Screening Using Social Media
26Legal and Ethical Issues in Artificial Intelligence
27Intelligent Personal Assistants
28National Data Collection and Surveillance
29Transportation Sharing Economies
30How have tech start-ups ethically impacted the Hospitality market
31The Rise of Social Media
32Wearable Technology
33Big Data
34Archivation - Object Relational Mapping
35Enter the World of CMS
36Architecture Case Study Project For CRM Systems
37NoSQL Databases and Distributed Memory Caching
38Cloud Computing for Machine Learning
39Microservices and Containerization
40Blockchain and IoT: Opportunities and Challenges
41IoT-Fog-Cloud Architecture for A Real-World App
42NASA SUITS Design Challenge
43DateRec: A Complete Date Parser
44WiMax: Past and Future Applications
45Mobile Hotspots in Transportation and Travel
46Overview of WiFi HaLow
47Usage of Low Frequency RFID in Animal Tracking
48The Future of HD Radio and Its Global Implementation
49NFC Defense and Security Issues
50Ultra High Frequency RFID
51Bluetooth Low Energy Overview
525G: The Future of Mobile and Wireless Technology
53Bluetooth Low Energy: Current Security Standards
54LiFi: The Next Ubiquitous Tech
55Contactless Payment Security Standards
56k-Colorability and Computing with DNA NanoObjects
57Splicing and Biomolecular Automata
58Vehicle Hacking and Countermeasures
59Using Bootable Tools to Bypass Windows Passwords
60Password Cracking, Hacking and Security
61Crypto-Currency: Blockchains, Mining and Security
62Irma Source Code Visualization
63T-Reqs: A Requirements Tracking Application
64Fairy Tale Odyssey
65Optical Character Recognition Webapp
66Saving Estuaries Through Software Development
67Environmental Awareness Game System Integration
68Osprey Instant Messenger
69UNF Symposium WebApp
70Open Pantry